Saturday, January 8, 2011


Natalie called me in the middle of the day today, She sounded really worried, and kept saying 'you were right'. When I asked what was wrong the phone started acting weird, and I couldn't hear what she was saying, eventually I heard a really high pitched noise, and the call dropped... I can't help but think she was telling me I was right about slenderman, and something terrible happened to her... I was with her this morning, and she didn't mention being stalked, but she seemed really paranoid, and was coughing a lot. After the phone call failed, I tried texting her, and her message came back corrupted, when I responded to it I got an automated replay saying the number wasn't accepting texts anymore. I tried calling again, but the phone was broken, or off. I'm honestly worried that she might not be alive tomorrow.

After she called, my friend that lives up hill came over, and we went out to explore some of the trails around my neighborhood. I heard some noises in the woods he swears was an animal, but I was too scared, so I told him I felt a tick had bitten me and went back home. The trail we explored was some burned out area that looked like it should be in silent hill, and not the suburbs. We're going back there tomorrow.

When I asked my mom why we moved, she got kind of angry at me, and told me that the old house was 'just some old piece of crap that we should have never moved into.' Anyway, I'm going to go to sleep, and try and talk to Natalie again tomorrow. If she doesn't pick up, I'm going to go to her house and see if she's okay.


  1. My friend, you must get to her as soon as you can. I dont know if it's too late or not. You said she was coughing a lot. That is a classic sign of somebody who has encountered Slender Man. As is the problems/interference with audio/video technology.

    Also, I think your mom is hiding something from you about the old house you used to live in. I wouldn't say press her about it yet, but I will say to keep it in mind. Something may have happened there.


  2. I know that the coughing is a sign, thats one of the main reasons I am worried(same with the distortion).

    I vaguely remember moving because we were close to a factory of some sort, and the air quality was terrible, so I'm not really going to go into that.