Sunday, January 2, 2011

entry 29 Theory.

Personally, I think that entry number 29 of Marble Hornets showcases the operator's time altering abilities.  Jay doesn't have the time, or date of the vido, only the name. I assume he has the chest camera on, and recording him 24/7, but only his handheld camera when he is making an entry

Now on to my theory. I think that Jay found the video on his laptop, which prompted him to look for the location(which I assume he is doing now). After he finds the location, he pulls out his handheld camera to make an entry, and also leaves his chest camera on. He records himself doing whatever he does there, and turns around to see the operator, who is standing at the end of the tunnel.  It is at this point where the operator sends him back through time, and he wakes up in the hotel a week before any of this happening. Somehow, the footage from the chest camera remained partially in tact(time travel was the cause of the distortion, and missing parts) How the footage got on his computer with the name 'noentry' could be a side effect of the time trave his computer with the name 'noentry' could be a side effect of the time travel, masky interference, or a plothole. We may never find out.

Well, that was my shot at a theory, hope you all like it.

I'm going to stop writing now because Natalie is calling me...

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