Thursday, January 6, 2011

Some Good News for a Change.

Thanks to Lucien, who commented on my last post, Natalie is staying with me. I finally got some sleep last night, because I realized how pointless it was to stay up. There's not much I can to to stop slenderman from killing one(or both) of us. I called Natalie, and told her I was sorry for acting so paranoid. I told her that even if it wasn't slenderman, someone was following her, and that it can't be a good idea to just ignore it. She agreed with me when I said she needed to be really careful around this guy, and that he could have ulterior motives(i.e. organs in a bag). Sorry for this update being so short, nothing worth talking about has happened...

School starts tomorrow, so I might as well get a good eight hours of sleep.


  1. I'm glad you are able to have her stay with you. Safety in numbers is always a good thing. Just try to make sure that while she is with you, she doesn't leave your side. If you are sleeping, try to make sure she stays in your arms. And definitely make sure that all blinds in the house remain closed at night.


  2. Jesus, dude I'm not sleeping with her yet. We've only been dating for two months. The blinds are broken, so they only close about half way. Thanks anyway.

  3. I'm not saying anything about sleeping with her. I mean it in the literal sense, that when the two of you are sleeping, you should try to keep her close too, to protect her.

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  5. I meant it in the literal sense too, we don't live together or anything. I don't think either of our parents would let us even share a bed.

    [above comment deleted due to spelling error on my part]