Thursday, January 13, 2011

She Left.

Natalie said she was getting too paranoid today, and for no reason that she told me about, she left town. The cops showed up at my door, and asked my a lot of questions for a long time. Basically they asked if I knew where she was going. The only clue either of us have is the last thing she said to me "I need to go....somwehere light, somewhere where someone can actually help me with this...I think you were right, and if you were then I need to go even faster now...I love you. Goodbye." After she texted this to me, she took her mom's car(a blue 1979 camero), and ditched her phone by throwing it off a bridge. The bridge was north of her house, so I assume she went up there.

I'm going to start looking for her, I'll need to cover my tracks, and make sure nobody follows me(especially anyone I care about). Anyone dumb enough  follow me is basically committing suicide by slenderman, and I don't want to start worrying about other people besides Natalie, and I. I'm taking my laptop, a camera, toiletries, and all th cash I can carry. I want to avoid a paper trail, so I'll use cash instead of my credit card (which I all ready emptied). I'm going to start my search in Baltimore, then onto New York. She mentioned both of those places in our last chat. The bus leaves in 30 minutes, so this is goodbye until I can get wifi again.


  1. Jacob, I wish you luck in your search. I hope she manages to find a way to contact you, let you know she is safe. If you manage to find your way into Jersey, let me know. I'll do what I can to help you out in this area.

  2. Jersy's south of here, so I wont be going there. Im on the bus to Baltimore ow