Thursday, February 3, 2011

Doing This Alone.

Natalie broke up with me. She said I was too obsessed with slenderman. Well....fuck her. I was just trying to help, and I haven't talked to her in days. I wonder if she's okay, probably not. I saw slenderman outside her window the day she broke up with me...she didn't, so that's why she thinks I'm crazy...I'm pretty upset about this...sorry..I'll talk to you all later...fuck this.


  1. Jacob, I'm truly sorry that this happened. But I implore you, try not to leave her alone. I'm not saying be around her or staying by her side. I'm saying keep tabs on her house, on her. He may still be around and might do something to her. Try to do what you can to make sure she stays safe.


  2. I'm really sorry, man. That must be really hard.
    Don't forget to stay safe, though, even with what you're going through.