Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Not quite sure what happened, I just woke up and someone hacked my blog with fucking zalgo shit. My unforum account was also hijacked(even after I deleted it), so sorry to all the people over there who got to see that weird shit.

My analysis on the picture: I drove out to the woods a few days ago for a walk, it started raining, about halfway through the walk, and I don't remember anything much after that. The rain messed up my camera lens, so I didn't upload any of the footage from that day, though I may need to...

here comes the really weird part: I went there alone, and the photo is clearly taken from the passenger seat. The only conclusion I can draw is that someone was in the car with me. Really not sure what to make of this.

In other news: I need to do a lot of catching up with MH, and EMH, seems like lots of stuff has gone down!

EDIT 1: cant remove, or edit the post, also says it was posted with my account..

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